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  • 6 ways to create your perfect Summer Bedding sleep space

    If you're looking for Summer Bedding ideas , you've come to the right place!

    We're going to show you the best summer bedding sets and advise you what to look for and avoid when the temperature heats up!

    Bed in the water with clothing - Summer Bedding

    As we update our Summer bedding wardrobe with a couple of pastel colours, or even trust the Irish sun enough to throw on a pair of shorts, we should also ensure our bedroom isn't neglected for the warmer months. In the summer, crisp linens and breathable fabrics are essential for staying cool and getting a good nights rest; but there's also a number of extra steps you can take to keep your sleep space matching that sunny disposition!

    Summer Bedding: Fresh Fabrics

    First things first, it's time to pack away any of your bedding that's comprised of Down, or any other winter-grade materials; there's no harm being optimistic (even if you are in Ireland). As the temperature begins to pick up, seek out light, breathable fabrics that will prevent overheating. 100% cotton is always a safe bet for staying cool, and from there it's just a case of your preferred weave. Percale bedding has that impossibly crisp feel that won't suffocate, while sateen has a relaxed texture and is just as breathable.

    Summer Bedding: Summer Schemes

    It may seem obvious, but brightly coloured summer bedding can be a rooms centrepiece and create the overall theme. Bright, breezy colours can give your bedroom a lighter feel during the summer months, and soft pastels can bring a relaxed, nautical vibe to your space (even if you're nowhere near the water). All-white bedding is another safe bet as it can't be beaten for the fresh look that never goes out of fashion. However, if you opt for all-white you may need to accessorise...

    Louisiana Bedding duvet cover set blue and white - Summer bedding

    Summer Bedding: Accent with a Throw or Cushion Cover

    It's always nice to have a relaxed, minimalist setup in our private space, but when that warm weather hits and we're surrounded by blooming flowers and bright clothing, we want our rooms to reflect that! Some colourful accessories will really pop out and add character to a room. A flashy throw or Cushion Covers Ireland is perfect for this; much lighter than a bedspread, but still giving our bedroom that lift it craves.

    Summer Bedding: Spring Cleanin

    Obvious tip alert! The handiest (and cheapest) thing we can do to give our bedroom a new lease of life is some good old fashioned scrubbing and dusting. An hour or two of cleaning and decluttering is the simplest way to freshen our room and air out our space. Honestly, is there anything better than a clean room? For a start, it will look more spacious and you may even get some inspiration on what to do with all this new found space. You could even add fresh flowers and scented candles if you're feeling really ambitious...

    Summer Bedding: Sun-sational Storage

    One bright idea we've seen more and more people having of late is packing away clutter into pretty, colourful boxes under their bed. This way you can add a little sunshine and some eye-catching accessories without taking up any of that precious new space. Why not reuse an old suitcase and repurpose it as a nifty storage box? Quirky and functional!storage box - Summer Bedding

    Summer Bedding: If these walls could talk...

    During the summer your walls can talk; in fact they're screaming out for a dash of colour! Why not make a collage of summery photos from a recent family trip or holiday? Simple and inexpensive. Maybe you'd also like to get your hands on some wall art (outdoor images featuring the beach or nature work great), or even paint your own mural as a summer project.Kids bedroom wall mural - Summer Bedding

    What's your inspiration for updating your sleep space for the Summer? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to keep an eye on the blog for handy guides like this. Don't forget to like us on Facebook for a first look and exclusive offers on the way!

  • Pillowtalk: Choosing the Best Pillow

    Do you want the best pillow ever? You've come to the right place!

    Spring has arrived, so it might be time to chuck out some of those bad sleeping habits with the rest of your Spring cleaning. Getting a better night's sleep enables us to live a more productive, balanced and healthy lifestyle – it will even allow you to make the most of those few hours of sunshine after work, instead of just crashing on the couch...

    It's also a good time to inspect our bed linen for the new season and see what needs tossing. New season, new you and all that! Despite using one every night, most people don't give much thought to Pillows Ireland. This can lead to all sorts of neck and back issues down the road, as well as night after night of disturbed sleep. With this handy guide you'll soon have the knowledge needed to help sort your sleep habits.

    The graph below highlights the main two things to look for in a new pillow: Sleep Position & Firmness.


    anatomy of pillow - best pillow


    1. Choosing the Best Pillow: Sleep Positions

    Just like in every aspect of our lives, everyone is different when it comes to sleeping position. So whether you're a side sleeper, a stomach snoozer or a back sprawler, it's essential to consider your own individual needs when picking a pillow.


    Side Sleepers

    The most common sleep position, as well as the one that feels most natural, sleeping on your side also has the added health benefit of promoting the natural alignment of the spine. As side sleepers need to give adequate support to head, neck and shoulders equally, they should seek a moderately firm pillow like the Sealy Cooltech Gel Medium Support Pillow that will keep the areas eleveated and prevent muscle cramping!


    Stomach Sleepers

    For those Stomach Sleepers that need to keep a much lower profile, something a bit flatter that still offers good support should be considered. If a pillow is too high while you're sprawled on your stomach, it could cause your neck and spine to strain to adjust to the larger curvature and leave you with a crick in the morning... Not good! The flatter the pillow, the more aligned in a natural curve the top of your body will be. A good choice for Stomach Sleepers is our Luxury Microfibre Pillow; moderately flat, while still offering excellent support and incredible softness.


    Back Sleepers

    If you prefer to catch your z's on your back, then you'll need to find something that promotes the correct alignment when in the prone position. Look no further than our Sealy Response Clusterfill Pillow; with a medium comfort rating, it's perfect for back sleepers.


    Sealy Response Clusterfill Pillow - best pillow

    2. Choosing the Best Pillow: Firmness

    From there, it's simply a case of considering whether you prefer ultra soft cushioning, so you can practically sink into the bed; or a pillow with a little more firmness to it, to allow you to find a comfortable position and hold onto it for the night.



    For those of us that need a little extra comfort at bedtime, we strongly recommend the Silentnight Soft As Silk Pillow Pair. With a smooth and silky feel, it boasts an extra soft filling for a blissful night's sleep.



    Sleepers looking for a firm feel will find what they are looking for in our Sealy Zonal Support Extra Firm Support Pillow; it's a compact dense pillow that retains it's shape and support all night every night. A tubular foam insert at the base of the pillow also provides gentle neck support when you need it most. We can't recommend it highly enough!

    These were our advise for you to get the best pillow, be sure to let us know what kind of sleeper you are in the comments below. We won't judge, we promise! Don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more handy blog posts and a first look at exclusive offers.

  • Thread Count Unraveled: Picking the Perfect Bedding

    We spend roughly a third of our lives in bed, so it’s worth splashing out on top quality bedding. But when it comes to shopping for duvet covers and sheets, most people don’t know where to begin... A common cause of confusion is the meaning of the term ‘thread count’. So, does thread count really make a difference to the quality of bedding, or is it merely a phrase invented by advertisers? We explain all below!


    What is thread count?

    Thread count is the quantity of ‘threads’ woven together within one square inch of fabric on the sheet or duvet cover. Essentially it’s the amount of threads that run across the width and length of the sheet.


    thread count louisiana bedding


    The total count is based on the threads woven horizontally ("weft") and vertically ("warp") eg. 100 vertical threads + 150 horizontal threads = total thread count of 250.

    Additional threads can also be woven into the weft threads to up the thread count. These extra threads are called "picks" and are included in the overall count, which is which is why some bedding ends up having a count in the thousands!

    Thread count is a good indication of what you are getting in bedding, but there’s a few other things to look out for to ensure you’re buying the best. Generally a decent thread count mixed with a high quality cotton like Egyptian is a good rule of thumb.


    dorchester duvet cover 1000 thread count louisiana bedding - Thread count

    Sew on and Sew forth…

    So, now we know that a higher thread count doesn’t fully indicate the quality of the sheet, and that by using creative weaving and counting methods, thread count can be increased without improving the quality of the bedding. It’s also possible to have a lower thread count, but thicker threads, increasing the quality of the bed linen while keeping a lower thread count. This is why it’s vital to also check the material of the bedding before buying!


    Perfect Percale

    From there, it’s just a case of your own personal preference. 100% cotton is incredibly cool and breathable, so is always a safe choice for warm summer nights. If you're looking for something durable, we’d recommend any percale with a thread count between 200 to 800. Percale is any cotton weave with a 200 thread count or above and will be more durable than a cotton satin of the same thread count. If you’re in the market for something silkier, aim for a 300 to 600 cotton satin, or if you want that softer-than-soft feel go for an 800 percale or above!


    Catherine Lansfield Kashmir Duvet Set, Multi - Thread count


    If you’re still unsure about what it all means, maybe this handy video will shed some light.



    Keep an eye on the Bedding online blog for more handy guides to the world of bedding and beyond, and don’t forget to like our Facebook page for more tips and a first look at exclusive offers!

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